High-quality activewear with a touch of creativity.

Elea strive to help women find their most activewear clothes by offering the best selection of items made of high-quality materials having special features. It's vision to be the favorite brand of activewear clothes, customers feel amazing wearing them and finding their accurate size and fit most conveniently.

Logo variations
All variations and usages of the Elea logo. The appropriate usage of the Elea logo may vary depending on the medium or size. It is important to consider the various versions and applications of the logo.

Elea regards color as a crucial part of its brand story. The professional, fresh, and confident color scheme is an essential aspect of our brand. We selectively use a secondary color palette as a highlight color to inject vibrancy and energy into the palette. To ensure consistency, it is important to use the appropriate color breakdowns based on the medium, such as print or digital.


Mood Images
Mood images of Elea are a powerful tool in visual storytelling. These carefully curated visuals are selected to evoke a particular emotion or feeling in the viewer, and can include photographs, illustrations, or graphics. When used in branding and advertising, mood images of Elea communicate the brand's values and personality, creating a connection with the target audience. 

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Client: Elea Active 
Industry: Activewear 
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel 
Requested Services: Brand Identity Design, Brand Guidelines, Promotional Collaterals, Mailing Design, Poster Design
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