Basi Pilates - Learn From the Leaders 2020 Austraila

The biggest Pilates event.

BASI Learn From The Leaders is the ultimate Pilates experience 

BASI has been a leading Pilates education academy with a reputation for innovation, dedication, and academic excellence for thirty years. The concept for BASI Learn from the Leaders (LFTL) Conferences originated in Australia in the early nineties and has since been held with great success in the USA, South Africa, Germany and Greece.

Now it's again in it's home country. So we created a special logo and branding for this event. LFTL is the biggest Pilates event in the world. Lots of people all over the world comes to take the leading education from the masters of the Pilates. To show this diversity we created a vibrant alogo and key visual elements. 


We used the primary font family of Basi Pilates. But to match with the vivid colors branding,  we need a more uplifting font. 
Choose Gobold family both regular and hollow versions. 

We tried to focus of diversity of the exhibition when choosing the color. from red, to orange and purple gradient is the primary color Learn From the Leaders. For Australia convention,  we keep the primary colors and add others which we borrow from the city colors. With use of vivid colors, organic shapes the branding could give the energy of the pilates masters.

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