Why Pilates?

People choose Pilates for many reasons: Building strength, increasing mobility and range of motion, improving flexibility, reducing pain, and preventing injuries. Along with these common benefits, there is a Mind-Body component to Pilates that makes it so special.

Pilates of San Diego

Pilates of San Diego was voted as one of the 5 Top Pilates studios in San Diego by San Diego A-List and was also featured on KUSI news.  Founded by Ania London, Pilates of San Diego has four studios - 2 in Downtown and 2 in North County.

Brand Moodboard

Brand Colors

We wanted to borrow name from the city so we do for the colors. So we take teal green and yellow as our base colors. 
Old Logo

Pilates of San Diego’s previous logo was hard to use - read and outdated. we should update it, but it had also a heritage. So keeping the heart of the logo, we focus on typography. With using san serif and more modern typeface, we could create a new logo without extinguish the old one.
New Logo
Web Site


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